A Message from the CEO

To our families:

Thank you for visiting our website to learn about us. We are pleased that you are here!

We know how difficult it can be to make decisions when selecting a treatment center for a family member or yourself. The process can be confusing and daunting, not to mention expensive, at a time when life can feel overwhelming.

So, when choosing a center, here is what I can tell you about us:

      • We are non-profit, which means we put you and your family first. Above all, we offer you the highest standard of accredited care at a reasonable fee. We cover our costs, without reducing the quality of care. In short, we do not profit from our patient's needs.
  • Many of us have "been there" and faced the same choices you are making now. We are here to listen, not to judge. We are here to support your concerns, understand your fears, and give you the best counsel available to families anywhere.
  • We are family-centered, which means we support your entire family through this process. Studies show that family participation results in greater success in sobriety, which is our number one priority.
  • We will work with you to develop the best treatment plan that meets your family's needs. While we are primarily 12-Step based, we offer options for those seeking an alternative approach.

Above all, we are here for you anytime, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We promise to give you the best service and unconditional acceptance as you reach your goal of sobriety!

We look forward to talking with you as you take this first, most important, step.

Warm regards,

Mel Taylor

President and CEO

Austin Recovery and The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston

About Austin Recovery

Austin Recovery is Where the Healing Begins

Since 1967, Austin Recovery has provided effective and compassionate residential addiction treatment for individuals, families and communities. Our transformational treatment model brings about in-depth cognitive, behavioral and spiritual changes essential for overcoming addiction – giving our clients a new freedom and a life full of promise in recovery—and making us one of the best choices for alcohol and drug abuse treatment, whether in Texas or across the U.S. 

To better serve Central Texas, Austin Recovery has merged with The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston, the largest non-profit provider of outpatient addiction treatment services in the state. The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston, founded in 1946, is committed to keeping our community healthy, productive and safe by providing services and information to all who may be adversely affected by alcohol and drugs, impacting over 365,000 annually. The partnership between these two drug and alcohol rehab centers will bring an enhanced continuum of recovery services, while fulfilling both organizations’ common mission of offering affordable alcohol and drug abuse treatment at the highest standards. 

Over the years, research has taught us much about the illness of addiction and how it best responds to treatment. Many of these evidence-based practices are fully incorporated into our treatment approach. We have also incorporated the principles and 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as originally practiced in the early days of the Fellowship where members achieved very high recovery rates. Treatment at Austin Recovery also includes hours of individual and small group counseling each week with masters-level clinicians and licensed chemical dependency counselors. Finally, we have added a unique group of experience-based therapies specifically designed to help you feel and experience the changes as they occur. These four components together form what we call “The Austin Recovery Way,” and make us one of the best choices for inpatient rehab in Texas or across the nation. 

Our mission is to extend the hand of recovery to all those seeking alcohol and drug abuse treatment. Through the support of the community and generous gifts from our sustainers, we are committed to offering the highest quality inpatient rehab and other services at our recovery center, for some of the best prices in the country, and we accept many forms of insurance. Additionally, we provide residential addiction treatment for those without resources through funding from the State of Texas, local cities and counties and generous community groups and gifts.  To find out about our costs and payment options, whether you are interested in residential addiction treatment or outpatient addiction treatment, call one of our Admissions Specialists at (800) 373-2081 or (512) 697-8600 today.

To help you or your family member gain and maintain sobriety from drug addiction or to stop drinking, we offer a number of programs including separate Short-Term and Journey programs for men and women. Our Family House helps moms seeking recovery by allowing them to bring a child under the age of six with them to treatment at our inpatient rehab Texas facility. We also offer free alcohol and drug intervention programs, outpatient services, alumni support, family programs, aftercare and community education. Our staff of 135, which includes nurses, licensed chemical dependency counselors, counselor interns and direct care staff, focus on approximately 2,400 clients from around the nation and their families each year.

We hope you join us for a life-changing experience. We will do all in our power to help you achieve your goal of a new life in recovery.