It is extremely difficult to watch a loved one destroy their life with alcohol or other drugs. It is even more difficult when those loved ones don’t seem to want to change. Most often, they are paralyzed by their addiction and unable to ask for the help they need.

An intervention is a carefully orchestrated event to assist family and friends in convincing someone with a drinking or drug problem to agree to treatment. Those participating in the intervention are usually people with whom the addict or alcoholic shares respect or they believe loves and cares about them. Ultimately, an intervention is an act of love and works best coming from a place of care and concern.

Prior to starting an intervention, it is best to do some homework:

  • Pre-arrange the admission to a treatment center prior to the intervention.
  • Make sure each member of the intervention is well-versed in their role and willing to step out on a limb emotionally to convince the addict or alcoholic of the importance of going to treatment.
  • Make sure each member of the intervention knows what he or she wants to say – what one message they want the addict to hear.

The intervention, facilitated by a trained interventionist, serves to create a crisis, breakthrough the denial and fear of treatment and lead the addict or alcoholic to accept help.

For more information about interventions and whether or not one is right for your family and friends, please call our Admissions team at (800) 373-2081 or (512) 697-8600, complete a Contact Us form, or attend our free information series called Gateway to Recovery. Gateway to Recovery is a free, informative workshop addressing the stages of addiction, the impact on the brain and the ways they affect your family.

Gateway to Recovery is offered on the 1st and 2nd Wednesdays of each month at Austin Recovery's Center for Recovering Families, 3420 Executive Center Drive, Suite G100, Austin, Texas 78731.