Resident Code of Conduct

Austin Recovery Program Rules and Expectations

Austin Recovery operates several different treatment programs, serving a variety of client needs at a number of locations in the Austin area. The program you attend will have rules and expectations specific to that program and location. These will be explained to you in detail during your orientation to that program. In the meantime, Austin Recovery expects clients to adhere to the following basic “program-wide” rules.

I understand that while participating in the Austin Recovery drug-alcohol-treatment-program, I am expected to:

  1. Maintain “confidentiality” about other clients during treatment.
  2. Attend all sessions, unless otherwise excused.
  3. Be on time for all scheduled classes, appointments, and groups.
  4. Participate in all group activities, including 12-Step meetings.
  5. Adhere to the smoking policy in your building.
  6. Not drink any alcoholic beverages.
  7. Not use any mood- or mind-altering drugs unless prescribed by a physician and approved by our medical doctor.
  8. Not be in the possession of a cell phone.
  9. If I do not follow these rules and expectations, I understand I may be discharged from Austin Recovery.
  10. Other reasons I may be discharged from Austin Recovery include:
    1. Leaving the program AMA (Against Medical Advice).
    2. Leaving for medical or psychiatric hospitalization.
    3. Positive drug or alcohol UAs during treatment.
    4. Violent/Agressive behavior or verbal threats made toward other clients or staff members.
    5. Possession of alcohol, drugs or paraphernalia on Austin Recovery premises.
    6. Failure to attend three or more scheduled treatment dates without absences approved by Austin Recovery counseling staff.
    7. Lack of progress in the program.


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 Client’s Signature                           Date

By signing my name, I acknowledge that I have received a full explanation of the above. I understand and agree to comply with these rules and acknowledge I have received a copy of these rules and regulations.

The program shall establish written rules to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all clients. The consequences for violating program rules shall be defined in writing and shall include clear identification of violations that may result in discharge. Every client shall be informed verbally and in writing of the program rules and consequences for violating the rules at the time of admission. The facility shall enforce the rules fairly and objectively and shall not implement consequences for the convenience of staff. [DSHS 448]