Frequently Asked Questions | Drug Rehab, Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Texas – Austin Recovery

▲ How do I arrange admission to Austin Recovery?

Call 7 days a week 512-697-8600 or toll free 1-800-373-2081 to speak to an Admissions Specialist.

▲ What are your admission hours?

We accept admissions 7 days a week, at any time of the day (by appointment). Please contact our Admissions Specialists at 512-697-8600 for more details or to make an appointment. Admissions Specialists are available by phone 7 days a week.

▲ I will be flying into Austin to come to Austin Recovery. How will I get from the airport to Austin Recovery?

Most of the time we are able to send one of our admission staff to the airport to pick you up. If we are unable to pick you up, we will provide cab fare through Yellow Cab.

▲ What forms of payment does Austin Recovery accept?

Austin Recovery accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, personal check, cash, and health insurance.

▲ Does Austin Recovery accept insurance?

Yes, we accept a variety of insurance options.  Please contact one of our Admissions Specialists at 512-697-8600 to discuss details.

▲ Does Austin Recovery offer a payment plan?

Austin Recovery does offer payment plan options.  Call one of our Admissions Specialists at 512-697-8600 to learn more.

▲ Will insurance cover all cost of treatment?

Insurance pays mental health and substance abuse needs based on medical necessity determined by a reviewer from your insurance company using a standardized criteria. Using this criteria the insurance company can authorize any number of days based on what they believe your specific needs are. Clients will be responsible for the deductible and copays as well as continued treatment if the insurance stops covering the cost of treatment. If/when insurance stops authorizing treatment and the client is not ready to discharge the client has the option to continue in the program as a self-funded client for as long as they need to prepare for discharge. If the client chooses to not self-fund for any reason, they have the option of discharging at the time the insurance stops authorizing.

▲ I would like to do the extended Journey program and my insurance said after I meet my deductible they will cover my treatment. Is this true?

When you call your insurance company they will quote you the benefits that your plan is eligible to offer if you meet medical necessity. However, this quote of benefits is not a guarantee of payment or authorization by your insurance company. While your insurance is likely to take on a significant amount of the financial burden which makes our extended program more accessible for individuals in need, it is not likely to cover 90 days at a residential level of care. This is due to the insurance company’s standardized criteria, which determines medical necessity. In order to discuss likely cost and payment options you should call our Admissions staff.

▲ How do I find out what my insurance will cover?

Austin Recovery has Admissions Specialist available by phone to help you determine the likely cost for you as well as the most appropriate level of care. Our experienced staff will do an over-the-phone assessment and give you a treatment recommendation and a cost-estimate at no charge. We base this estimate on previous experience with your provider, as well as medical necessity according to the Texas Department of Insurance criteria.

▲ What is a preauthorization?

When you admit to a treatment program our Utilization Review department will call your insurance to begin a case by proving medical necessity. You can think of this similar to if you broke your leg. You would need an X-ray showing the break before the insurance would pay for the cast and follow up appointments. Preauthorization is how we prove you need care. This will occur on the day of admission.

▲ When will I know if insurance stops paying?

Utilization Review is performed on clients daily. These are progress reports provided to your insurance company on each client every 3-10 days that determine if additional treatment is needed. With most plans Austin Recovery knows within 24 hours if a preauthorization or concurrent authorization has been denied and will notify the client immediately.

▲ I am supporting my family member financially and they are a dependent on my insurance plan. Will I be notified of authorizations?

Austin Recovery will only relinquish information according to the client’s wishes, which are identified by completing a “consent to release information” form. If they sign a release of information for you we will notify you of changes in the insurance authorization as well as financial standing.

▲ What should I pack to bring to treatment?

Austin Recovery recommends for you to pack approximately 7 days of comfortable clothing, personal hygiene items (no aerosols or items with alcohol in the first 3 ingredients), medications prescribed to you with refills available, a spiral notebook, and reading materials that are self-help or recovery-oriented. Pictures of loved ones are also allowed. See a more complete list at What to Bring.

▲ Am I allowed to use my cell phone?

No. Cell phones, pagers, laptop computers, electronic games and MP3 players/iPods are not allowed. If you have questions about items not listed here please ask an admission specialist.

▲ May I have visitors?

Yes.  Visitation is encouraged from family members and others who will be part of your recovery support system.

Please note: Clients must have completed at least 7 days of residential treatment in order to participate in visitation.

*The visitation lists are determined based on client’s therapeutic needs and are mutually agreed upon by both the client and the client's counselor.  The list protects a client’s confidentiality, safety, and therapeutic needs during treatment.

▲ Can I receive and make phone calls?

Due to confidentiality laws, a consent form must be signed allowing Austin Recovery to take a message. Incoming calls from persons on the consent form will be directed to your counselor. Outgoing calls are permitted as approved by your counselor per program rules. You must bring a calling card to make long-distance calls.

▲ What phone number should I call to leave a message for my loved one?

Call 512-697-8500 and the operator will route your call. If you call after hours or on the weekend, please follow the recorded instructions to connect to the appropriate program. Once admitted and assigned a counselor, your loved one may call you with their counselor's direct phone number.

▲ May I receive letters from home?

Yes. Incoming mail should be addressed to the client along with name of program c/o:

Austin Recovery

4201 South Congress, Ste 202

Austin, Texas 78745


▲ Is cigarette smoking permitted at Austin Recovery?

Smoking is permitted for clients in designated outdoor areas during break times, however, Austin Recovery is a tobacco-free facility for all staff, visitors, and guests.  Tobacco use is not permitted anywhere on the grounds at anytime for anyone besides clients at this time.

Austin Recovery continues to be dedicated in helping all of our clients and staff achieve abstinence from tobacco, working towards becoming a completely tobacco-free agency for all campuses’ clients, staff and visitors. In preparation for this change, we currently offer multiple avenues for clients to quit using tobacco, including limited smoke breaks, in the easiest and most comfortable ways possible. Tobacco cessation will eventually be completely integrated into clients’ treatment plans as they recover from alcohol and drug addiction.