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  • Researchers Find Startling Trend Among Pregnant Teen Drinkers (KXAN) 7/10/15
    Substance abuse is high among pregnant middle school students, according to a new study. One of our alumna, "Heather," bravely shares her story about her own substance abuse while pregnant, how it affected her daughter, and how she eventually became clean and sober through counseling and help at The Council on Recovery.
  • Austin Police See Huge Spike in Edible THC Cases (KVUE) 6/9/15
    ‪Austin police report they have seen a rise in ‎THC‬ (the chemical that causes the psychological effects in ‪‎marijuana‬) in candy and liquid forms that is making it more accessible and appealing to our children. KVUE reporter Jenni Lee spoke to to one of our Admissions Specialists, Mason Chambers, in this special report.
  • Teenagers Among Those in Hospital During K2 Spike (KEYE) 6/8/15
    KEYE reporter Adam Hammons discusses the rise in ‪‎K2‬ overdoses and deaths in the Austin area with The Council on Recovery Admissions Supervisor, Scott Lynch.
  • Austin Recovery Rebrands as The Council on Recovery (Addiction Professional) 6/11/15
    Addiction Professional announces the rebrand of Austin Recovery and The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Housto nto The Council on Recovery.
  • Spirit of Recovery: Recovery is For Families (Unity Online Radio) 5/12/15
    Director of Treatment Services, Elizabeth Divine, M.Ed., LPC-S, shares practical perspectives on how family recovery creates healthy living for each person.
  • Austin Recovery Luncheon with Jeffrey Tambor, iAct's Hope Awards with Michael Morton and More (Austin 360) 5/10/15
    Read Michael Barnes' full recap of our Spring luncheon where Golden Globe-winner Jeffrey Tambor addressed over 600 guests.
  • States Banning Powdered Alcohol Before It Hits Stores (KEYE) 4/17/15
    Have you heard of ‪#palcohol‬ - powdered ‪‎alcohol‬? It recently received FDA approval and Texas lawmakers along with local treatment facilities, like Austin Recovery, are concerned about its impact on our community. Watch the full story on palcohol from KEYE reporter Melanie Torre featuring our Director of Admissions, Brooke Williams.
  • Community News: Austin Recovery Has a New Name (Austin American Statesman) 3/20/15
    After a 2013 merger with a Houston addiction treatment center, Austin Recovery will now share a new name with its partner, the Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston.
  • Officials: Transportation of Liquid Meth on the Rise (KEYE) 3/6/15
    Nadia Galindo with KEYE reports on the rise of the transportation (and seizure) of liquid meth into the Austin area. Mason Chambers with Austin Recovery comments on what we are seeing from a drug rehabilitation facility's perspective.
  • Amplify Austin 2015: Mental Healing - Bringing Action to Mental Health Awareness (Austin Chronicle) 3/4/15
    The Austin Chronicle highlights Austin Recovery's participation in Amplify Austin, a 24-hour giving campaign aimed at raising funds for non-profits in the greater Austin community. The article showcases Austin Recovery's Center for Recovering Families and reiterates that addiction doesn’t just affect the addicted; the family and community must be involved in order to break the cycle of addiction.
  • APD: Houston Gang Targeting Central Texas Pharmacies Pills (KEYE) 2/25/15
    Austin Recovery Admissions Call Center Supervisor, Scott Lynch, comments on the rising underground prescription drug problems taking root in Central Texas with KEYE reporter, Alex Boyer.

2013 Expand Collapse

  • WilCo Teens Jailed For Alleged RX Drug Robbery (KEYE) 12/16/2013
    KEYE speaks with Austin Recovery Lead Admissions Specialist Scott Lynch about the dangers and addictive properties of promethazine with codeine, also known on the streets as “lean,” “syzurrp,” or “purple drank.”
  • When Drinking Becomes a Problem (FOX 7) 12/11/2013
    After the verdict in Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg's case, FOX 7 speaks with Austin Recovery Chief Operating Officer Angela Vickrey in a live interview at the 3:00 mark in this video about how alcoholism can become a problem for an individual.
  • Lehmberg Keeps Her Job, Judge Rules (KXAN) 12/11/2013
    Austin Recovery Admissions Director Sarah Hartford speaks with KXAN about different paths to recovery from alcoholism after the judge rules in favor of DA Rosemary Lehmberg keeping her job.
  • Lehmberg Case Raises Questions About Alcohol (KEYE) 12/11/2013
    In light of the recent court case against Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, KEYE speaks with Austin Recovery Counselor Gayle Sauer and Admissions Director Sarah Hartford about substance dependence and alcoholism.
  • APD Works to Get Molly off Austin Streets (FOX 7) 11/14/2013
    Austin Recovery Medical Director, Dr. Marilyn Vache weighs in on the party drug "molly" for a FOX 7 investigation.
  • Think Twice Before You Hit The Medicine Cabinet (KEYE) 11/11/2013
    KEYE's Judy Maggio speaks with Austin Recovery Medical Director, Dr. Marilyn Vache about the addictive nature of popular anxiety medication Xanax, and how to know when you have a problem.
  • Pill Addiction Rises, FDA Wants Change (KXAN) 10/28/2013
    Austin Recovery Admissions Specialist, Scott Lynch and Medical Director, Dr. Marilyn Vache contribute to a story on the rising rates of abuse of hydrocodone and other prescription painkillers.
  • NY Deaths Cause Concern For New Braunfels Concert (KEYE) 9/6/2013
    KEYE Reporter Melanie Lofton speaks to Austin Recovery Medical Director, Dr. Marilyn Vache about the dangers of the drug "molly" prior to a large outdoor music concert in New Braunfels.
  • Kratom: Designer Drug or Miracle Herb (KEYE) 9/5/2013
    Angela Vickrey, Chief Client Services Officer at Austin Recovery contributes to KEYE's story on kratom, especially the dangers and withdrawal symptoms associated with using the substance in large doses.
  • U.S. AG Wants to Cut Jail Sentences for Low-Level Drug Offenders (FOX 7) 8/12/2013
    Austin Recovery Admissions Specialist Scott Lynch shares his opinion on why diverting users to drug treatment facilities is more beneficial than sending them to jail.
  • Synthetic Drug Tests Available (KEYE) 7/24/2013
    Austin Recovery Admissions Specialist Scott Lynch shares why he feels the new synthetic drug tests will help to save lives.
  • Friend: Murder Suspect had Promising Life before Addiction Took Over (FOX 7) 7/23/2013
    Sarah Hartford, Austin Recovery Director of Admissions, shares important information on what friends and family can do when they see a loved one struggling with alcoholism and addiction.
  • Growing Number of Middle-Aged Women Treated for Alcoholism (KEYE) 7/1/2013
    Wine is leading to a growing problem with alcoholism and binge drinking, especially among well educated, middle age women. Austin Recovery alumna Joanne I. shares her story, and Austin Recovery Medical Director Dr. Marilyn Vache contributes.
  • Synthetic Drug Manufacturers Target Teens with Packaging (KVUE) 6/26/2013
    Austin Recovery Chief Client Services Officer Angela Vickrey speaks on the dangers of synthetic drugs and their misleading packaging.
  • Austin Police Help DEA with Drug Raid (KXAN) 6/26/2013
    A massive operation targeting those who make and distribute synthetic designer drugs took place in more than 30 states and netted 150 arrests, including six in Austin.  Sarah Hartford, Austin Recovery Director of Admissions, shares about the dangerous effects of these substances.
  • Federal Agents Conduct Synthetic Marijuana Raids (FOX 7) 6/26/2013
    Austin Recovery Lead Admissions Specialist Scott Lynch shares his personal experience with synthetic drugs, the effects of which are a frightening opposition to their harmless-looking packaging.
  • Central Texans Continue Meth Abuse Battle (KEYE) 5/29/2013
    KEYE reporter Melanie Lofton speaks to Austin Recovery Admissions Director Sarah Hartford, as well as alumnus Brian P. about the growing meth problem, and how treatment can help create more success stories.
  • 911 Suicide Calls Up in Leander (KEYE) 5/24/2013On the eve of Memorial Day weekend, Austin Recovery Senior Counselor Brooke Williams comments on the serious consequences of alcohol and mixing prescription medications when dealing with a mental health issue.
  • Addicts Stealing Identities To Get Their Fix (KEYE) 5/13/2013
    Nationwide, nearly 7,000,000 people abuse prescription medication. But prescription drug fraud is running rampant in Texas. Austin Recovery Senior Counselor Brooke Williams comments.
  • Mother Shares Tragic Story of her Son's Death by Prescription Drugs (FOX 7) 5/2/2013
    Austin Recovery's Angela Vickrey and Scott Lynch weigh in on the serious issue of addiction among teenagers.
  • Love My Austin Job: Austin Recovery's Maryse Saffle (Austin American-Statesman) 4/20/2013
    It was at Austin Recovery where Maryse Saffle turned her life around more than 11 years ago. Today, she’s built a career helping others do the same at the nonprofit treatment center.
  • Football Legend Speaks Out About Toughest Opponent (Westlake Picayune) 4/18/2013
    Hall of famer Earl Campbell tells personal tale of addiction, recovery. When Austin Recovery, the largest nonprofit drug and alcohol treatment center in Texas, hosted its second annual fundraising luncheon at Moody Theater on March 26, organizers brought out a big gun to get to the heart of the addiction issue and attract sponsors.
  • Hall of Fame Running Back Helps Raise Funds for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment  (Addiction Professional) 3/29/2013
    Austin Recovery, the largest non-profit drug and alcohol treatment center in Texas, hosted its second annual Speaker Series fundraiser luncheon at Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater. The event featured famed University of Texas Longhorn Running Back and Hall of Fame Houston Oiler Earl Campbell as the keynote speaker.
  • Austin Recovery Luncheon with Earl Campbell (Austin360) 3/28/2013
    Out & About's Michael Barnes covers Austin Recovery's fundraiser luncheon at ACL Live.
  • Does Austin Have a Drinking Problem? (KVUE) 3/27/2013
    Forbes says that Austin is one of America's drunkest cities, and alcohol sales are up five percect from this time last year. Austin Recovery's Angela Vickrey comments.
  • 10 Social Media Awards Finalists Tweet for Better Community (Austin American-Statesman) 3/9/2013
    Austin Recovery is one of this year's 10 winners for the Statesman Social Media Awards. As social media and what people do with it have evolved, so have the awards. This year’s Social Media Awards honors those who take their tweeting, Facebook posting and pinning (and so much more) to a new level by having an impact on their real-world community.
  • Prescription Pill Popping a Growing Problem (KEYE) 2/22/2013
    KEYE news digs deeper into the pill popping problem in Austin. While most people take medicines only for the reasons their doctors prescribe them, it's estimated an increasing amount will build a tolerance and become hooked. Reporter Angel Covarrubias interviews Austin Recovery's Chief Client Services Officer Angela Vickrey, and Family House alumna Amanda G.
  • Drug Overdose Deaths Only Getting Worse (FOX 7) 2/20/2013
    According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, drug overdose deaths have only gotten worse. Austin Recovery Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Cyndi Kidd weigh in on the rise in prescription drug abuse and overdose.
  • Heartburn High (KEYE) 2/12/2013
    Just like products containing pseudoephedrine, some drug stores now keep heartburn medication under lock and key. A KEYE Reporter speaks with Austin Recovery's Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and an Austin Recovery alumna about the use of over-the-counter meds to enhance highs.
  • Study: Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Could Help Cancer Patients (KEYE) 2/6/2013
    A new study finds the active chemical in some mushrooms may help cancer patients who are suffering from psychological distress. Austin Recovery experts weigh in.
  • DWI Tests Turning up more than Alcohol (KXAN) 2/5/2013
    Blood samples showing legal and illegal drugs. Austin Recovery Admissions Specialist Scott Lynch and Nurse Manager Debbie Hooks contribute.
  • Football Great Earl Campbell to Share his Rise over Addiction (Renew) 1/18/2013
    The legendary Longhorn running back will be keynote speaker at Austin Recovery spring event.
  • Merger of Texas Centers Enhances Continuum of Services (Addiction Professional) 1/16/2013
    Mel Taylor, the CEO of two newly combined addiction treatment organizations with a strong presence in Houston and Austin, Texas firmly believes that the type of business transaction he has seen to completion will be duplicated in many other locations.
  • Austin Recovery Merging with Houston Drug Program (Austin American-Statesman) 1/11/2013
    After 45 years of operation, Austin Recovery is merging with a Houston nonprofit that also treats Texans for alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Austin Recovery, Houston Nonprofit Merge (Austin Business Journal) 1/10/2013
    Austin Recovery, the largest nonprofit provider of residential drug and alcohol treatment in Texas, has merged with the Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston.

2012 Expand Collapse

  • Marijuana Now Legal in Washington (FOX 7) 12/6/2012
    Austin Recovery Chief Client Operations Officer Angela Vickrey comments on marijuana's effect on the body.
  • With Pressure to Succeed Heavy upon Students, Prescription Pills Take Over Texas Schools (KEYE-TV) 11/8/2012
    Austin Recovery Medical Director Dr. Craig Franke and Admissions Director Angela Vickrey lend their professional expertise to an in-depth story about Adderall abuse among high school and college students.
  • Royal Gave to the Austin Community in Many Ways (Austin American-Statesman) 11/7/2012
    Legendary Texas Coach Darrell Royal leaves a legacy of more than just football, having given back to the local community in many ways, including his and his wife Edith's decades-long support of local non-profit drug and alcohol treatment cen