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Cost of Treatment

Through the support of the community and generous gifts from our sustainers, our drug addiction treatment centers offer the highest quality services for some of the most reasonable rates in the country. We also accept a variety of insurance options. If you don’t have insurance, you may qualify for other types of funding.  Contact one of our Admissions Specialists at (800) 373-2081 or (512) 697-8600 to discuss treatment costs and payment options today.

What’s the right length of stay?

Regarding the length of stay, the ultimate goal is recovery without relapse from sobriety and establishing healthy behaviors. Cost concerns can make a shorter length of stay seem like a viable option, but it’s critical to know that each individual is unique and will have different treatment needs. After speaking to an Admission Specialist and our medical staff, you will have a better idea of the length of stay recommended.

If you have been in treatment before and relapsed or if you don’t have a good support system in your community or if you are depressed (as many people are in early sobriety) or if you have difficulty handling the everyday stress of life, we recommend you consider a stay of 90 days or more. Austin Recovery offers a reduced rate to make this option available.

Call now to speak to one of our Admission Specialists at (800) 373-2081 or (512) 697-8600. Admissions calls are answered 7 days a week. We will be happy to discuss considerations for your particular situation. If you prefer, feel free to complete the Contact Us form and we will respond during regular business hours.

Payment Options

Our Admission Specialists will discuss each individual’s required deposit and payment options. Austin Recovery accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, personal checks and cash.

Insurance is also accepted. Contact one of our Admission Specialists at (800) 373-2081 or (512) 697-8600 to discuss your benefits.

If you are in need of a payment plan or financing information, there are options available. Call one of our Admissions Specialists at (512) 697-8600 to learn more.