Residential Programs

Addiction, recovery and treatment are experienced differently by each person.
Therefore, it makes sense that treatment plans for our clients are individualized to ensure you and your counselor are
focusing on the treatments and experiences that will help you grow and heal as quickly as possible.

Treatment Programs

Austin Recovery provides two basic types of treatment: Short Term Treatment (approximately 30 days) and Journey Program (usually 90 days or more). Short-Term treatment is often for those coming to treatment for the first time or for those who have been to treatment before but recently had a relapse. Thirty days of treatment can be very successful for those with a solid support group at home, a commitment to staying sober and a willingness to follow through on treatment recommendations and aftercare.

Length of Stay

Length of stay at Austin Recovery is determined by the client, the family and the counselor as part of the individualized treatment plan. Length of stay is not usually measured in time or days, but in progress toward living a life without drugs and alcohol.

Addiction is a disease of the brain and it takes time for the brain to heal – to reduce the cravings – and for clients to learn new behaviors and skills to prevent a future relapse. Time also gives clients a chance to reassess the role of unhealthy relationships and behaviors in their addiction. Time gives clients a chance to choose differently – people, places, things, ways to spend time – and  replace them with healthier behaviors leading to a life of sobriety, freedom and growth. Time also gives families a chance to begin their own recovery and heal from the impact of addiction.

If you believe that a residential program may be the best option, please call our Care Coordinators at (512) 697-8600.