Austin Recovery is a not-for-profit organization that has provided effective and compassionate treatment since 1967. Our Transformational Treatment Model aims to bring about the in-depth cognitive, behavioral and spiritual changes we believe are essential for overcoming addiction. We utilize research or evidence-based treatment practices that enhance and compliment the more traditional 12-Step models, all of which are delivered in a loving and supportive environment. Clients also have the benefit of individual and small group counseling with Masters-level clinicians and licensed addiction specialists at our treatment centers. Additionally, we have added a unique group of experience-based therapies specifically designed to help clients feel and experience the changes as they occur. Taken together, these four components – the evidence-based practices, the experience-based treatment, the individual and group counseling and the 12-Steps – form what we call Austin Recovery’s Transformational Treatment Model or the AR Way.

The agency is celebrating over 45 years of service to our community and our mission is supported by hundreds of volunteers and donors led by a very dedicated staff and volunteer board of directors. The financial support we receive from our donors and partners in the community helps us deliver high-quality treatment at some of the best rates in the country.

We offer a number of programs including separate men and women’s programs for Short -Term residential treatment (usually up to 30 days) and our Journey Program (usually 90 days or more). We also offer a program for women with children called Family House. Family House helps moms seeking recovery by allowing them to bring a child under the age of six with them into treatment.

Austin Recovery offers free intervention classes, outpatient services, alumni support, family programs, aftercare and community education. For more information, please Contact Us or call us today at 512-697-8500 or call our Admissions office at (800) 373-2081 or (512) 697-8600.

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Tobacco Cessation

Most smokers have thought about quitting, and many have even tried. Unfortunately, despite the well-established knowledge of the negative health consequences of both first and second hand smoke, many tobacco users are still unable to quit. As addiction treatment professionals here to help our clients establish healthy lifestyles, we would like to make the transition away from tobacco a realistic and obtainable goal for our clients. Austin Recovery continues to be dedicated in helping all of our clients and staff achieve abstinence from tobacco, working towards becoming a completely tobacco-free agency for all campuses’ clients, staff and visitors. In preparation for this change, we currently offer multiple avenues for clients to quit using tobacco, including limited smoke breaks, in the easiest and most comfortable ways possible. Tobacco cessation will eventually be completely integrated into clients’ treatment plans as they recover from alcohol and drug addiction at our drug & alcohol treatment center.  Click here for more information.