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Women’s Residential Program

Austin Recovery has two programs focusing on Women’s Residential Treatment.
In our Short-Term Residential Treatment Program, clients receive both individual and group therapy sessions along with lectures, experience-based therapies, music & art sessions, yoga, drumming and exercise classes. A full daily schedule of clinical activities keep our clients engaged in their recovery while providing a level of services that match or exceed programs of far greater cost. Our women’s program uses our Transformational Treatment Model designed especially for women to bring about the emotional and spiritual changes needed for a full and rewarding recovery.

Clients progress at their own pace through the first five steps of the Twelve Step program. Each client completes an individualized treatment plan that is frequently updated and focuses on helping her identify and resolve relapse issues while successfully transitioning to the next level of care.

Weekly family visitation is encouraged and clients are escorted to outside 12 Step meetings in the nearby community. Volunteers from the recovery community, including Austin Recovery’s own Alumni Association bring frequent meetings to our women and provide them with opportunities for finding fellowship and sponsors in recovery when they leave the treatment. Length of stay for Short-Term Treatment is generally thirty to forty-five days.

Austin Recovery’s Women’s Journey Program builds on the foundation of the Short-Term Residential Treatment Program. The Journey Program, located on our 40-acre Hicks Family Ranch in South Austin, is offered to all those needing or wishing to stay longer to practice new skills and behaviors in recovery. In addition to step work, lectures, individual and group therapy, women in the Journey Program live in a relaxed environment where they further develop life management skills, look for jobs and re-enter society free of the chaos of drugs and alcohol. A typical stay in the Journey Program is 90 days or more.

Family House

Austin Recovery is one of only a handful of treatment centers in Texas offering women the opportunity to bring a child with them into treatment. When a mother does not have a safe place for her kids, a barrier is created that often keeps a woman from receiving the treatment she needs. For more than 20 years, Austin Recovery’s Family House has pioneered this highly specialized form of treatment providing quality services to a mom and her child. Young children attend school during the day while toddlers are transported to a nearby day care program. Mothers then participate in a full daily schedule until the children return to be with them in the afternoon. A state grant affords women 90 days of treatment for themselves and specialized therapies for their young children. All Family House clients can participate in a six-week class on Protective Parenting taught by a licensed therapist.  Family House is located on our 40-acre Hicks Family Ranch in South Austin.