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Admissions: (512) 697-8600


  • Admissions are processed Monday – Friday, 8am-6pm.

  • Calls are answered Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm and Saturday-Sunday, 9am-5pm.

  • Please leave a voicemail if no one is available to answer your call.

  • If using insurance, please have your information ready.


What if I'm placed on a waiting list?

Our waitlist changes all the time, but the people who get moved up are the people who keep checking in. Check in every single day if you want. The easier it is for our admissions team to stay in touch with you, the easier it is to move you up when a spot becomes available.

What can/can't I bring into treatment?

Austin Recovery allows residents to bring a limited number of personal items. All items that are not allowed with be sent home or stored and returned to residents when they are discharged. Clients are solely responsibility for all their personal items while residing at Austin Recovery. Austin Recovery accepts no responsibility for items that have been lost, loaned but not returned, stolen, broken, or damaged. All items left at Austin Recovery will have to be picked up with-in 72 hours.


Clothes – Please limit luggage to no more than two suitcases. We recommend that our clients bring 6 to 8 days’ worth of clothes. Clothes cannot have advertising that supports drug or alcohol use, all tops must have sleeves, and we follow the fingertip rule for short lengths. We recommend that clients bring two pairs of shoes – one for indoors, one for outdoors – if possible.


Laundry – We have free laundry facilities as well as detergent. If the client is allergic to a specific detergent, the client can provide their own. *note: bleach is prohibited


Toiletries – Clients can bring their own toiletries, however we do provide generic toiletries for those in need. All items should not have alcohol in the first three ingredients and all mouthwash and aftershave must be alcohol-free. No perfume, cologne or aerosol sprays of any kind (hairspray, body spray, etc.).


Electronic Devices – There are no electronic devices allowed on the unit. This includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, radios, IPads, portable video game devices or laptops. All electronic devices brought in will be stored in our secured property room and released to the client upon discharging.


Books – A few (3-5) books that are self-help, spiritual, or recovery related are allowed. Any non-fiction or fiction book that is not recovery related will be placed in our property room to be released to the client upon discharging.


Perishables – No additional food or drinks are to be brought in to the unit. We provide three meals along with three other additional snacks throughout the day.


Prohibited items – Weapons of any kind, alcohol or drugs, anything sharp and pointy (scissors, metal nail files, knives, tools, etc.), essential oils, and cleaning supplies; specifically bleach or ammonia.

How often can I see/communicate with my loved ones?

Weekly phone calls and visitation on weekends is allowed. It’s important to use the time in treatment to focus on yourself and your recovery and additional contact during your stay can be arranged with your counselor.

I'm anxious about treatment, is that normal?

It is ENTIRELY NORMAL to be anxious! Chances are we are at our worst when entering treatment, we’re worried for our family members and loved ones, and we have no idea what to expect. The average client coming to treatment is filled with anxiety, nervousness, and fear of the unknown. The unknown being what treatment is going to be like, what being sober is going to feel like, and what staff and other clients are going to be like. We do our best to provide a calm and informative admission environment with staff who love what they do. We also offer tours to see the facility and meet team members so clients and families know what to expect.

Will I be denied treatment if I'm intoxicated when I arrive for my stay?

No, however, we may need to arrange for detox or a more thorough medical assessment/observation to make sure it is safe for you to be in residential treatment at Austin Recovery. We will help you take the next steps and then ensure you return to treatment at Austin Recovery if detox is necessary. Beginning in the spring of 2019, Austin Recovery will have detox onsite again!

*Individuals who need a higher level of care will be directly referred out to a trusted partner for detox or mental health care. Austin Recovery will never “close the door” on a person in need of treatment and our team will assist to the best of our capabilities to locate a facility that is better suited for an individual’s needs.

30 - 90 Day Programs

Length of stay at Austin Recovery is determined by the client, the family and the counselor as part of the individualized treatment plan. 


Individual & Group

Education, cognitive behavioral therapy, and experiential therapy, help our clients learn about their disease and how to cope in both a group and individual setting.

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma and addiction often come hand in hand and our programming is empathetic and responsive. Counselors are Masters-level and experienced.


Addiction treatment should be financially accessible to everyone and thanks to community support, Austin Recovery has options for every financial situation.  

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