Recovery Programs

Addiction treatment for adult men and women, pregnant women, and parenting women with small children.

Austin Recovery treats the disease of addiction with treatment plans and financial options that help individuals and families successfully manage the chronic nature of the disease without incurring devastating financial burden. 

Types of Programs Offered

We offer a number of programs including separate men and women’s programs for Short -Term residential treatment (usually up to 30 days) and our Journey Program (usually 90 days or more). We also offer a program for women with children called Family House. Family House helps pregnant women, moms, and dads seeking recovery by allowing them to bring a child under the age of six with them into treatment. For those seeking a lower level of care, outpatient programs are available. Detox services and expanded outpatient programs will be available in early 2019.

Program Componants

Clients have the benefit of individual and small group counseling with Masters-level clinicians and licensed addiction specialists at our treatment centers. Additionally, we have added a unique group of experience-based therapies specifically designed to help clients feel and experience the changes as they occur. Taken together, these four components – the evidence-based practices, the experience-based treatment, the individual and group counseling and the 12-Steps – form what we call Austin Recovery’s Transformational Treatment Model or the AR Way.

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