• 4201 South Congress, Suite 202, Austin, TX 78745
  • 512-697-8600
  • 4201 South Congress, Suite 202, Austin, TX 78745
  • 512-697-8600

Family House

90 Day Program for Mothers and Fathers

Austin Recovery’s Family House treatment program was created to help families form healthy boundaries and relationships while recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. During the day, mom learns more about her addiction and how to create a new life in recovery for her and her family.

Financially Accessible

In addition to receiving support from our generous community, the Family House program accepts state funded clients for the entire duration of the 90 day treatment plan.

Parenting Skills and Child Bonding

While moms attend classes at Austin Recovery, they can be assured their children are receiving the best possible care while building friendships and learning as they go. Following daily programming, playtime is used to teach them how to interact with other kids and share the many joys of bonding with mom. Austin Recovery’s facilities include a complete, well-stocked playroom, on-site daycare, as well as a protected, outside, gated playground.

The Work

Daily schedules include classes on 12-Step recovery, relapse protection, parenting skills, life-skills, self-esteem and self-awareness. Each mom participates in weekly, individual, counseling sessions and daily process groups to learn healthier ways to process information and feelings that will help them in their recovery.

When a mom needs help recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, she needs to know her children are safe.


Austin Recovery is one of only three treatment centers in Texas offering women the opportunity to bring a child with them into treatment. This allows women to focus fully on recovery without worrying about their family.


For more than 25 years, Austin Recovery’s Family House has pioneered this highly specialized form of treatment providing quality services to a mother and a child under the age of six-years-old. A state grant affords women 90+ days of treatment for themselves and specialized therapies for their young children.

During the day, children attend on-site daycare. This allows mothers to participate in a full, daily, treatment schedule while still remaining close to their children. For mothers who are breastfeeding or postpartum, this is especially important.Austin Recovery provides three, balanced, nutritious meals a day plus snacks for you and your children.


Living quarters in Austin Recovery’s Family House allow families to stay together. The community in Family House works as a team and grows together in a family-like environment.


For more information, please call a Care Coordinator at (512) 697-8600.